Manipulation of Kartini Symbol Must End

“I have thought a lot about what people say: Live happily! […] People don’t want to see the naked truth. They turn away revolted from reality […] Earlier today, we were so shaken and moved by an example of the suffering in life […]” ( Kartini’s letter to Mrs. Abendanon-Mandri, April 8, 1902 ). In the early 20th century, a …

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Tan Malaka: Protecting Freedom of Expression

Faiza Mardzoeki “I smell the sweet aroma of the blood of revolution that will bring death, and honor.” This is a sentence from the Tan Malaka monolog performed, finally, by experienced actor Joind Bayuwinanda at the Indonesian French Institute ( IFI ) in Bandung, West Java, on March 24. The monolog was produced by Mainteater Bandung and the script written …

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Room: Inside the Head of the Entrapped

There are many horrible things that people experience in war, disease and pestilence, poverty, oppression and discrimination, and daily alienation. Many novels, poems, art works and films explore or are set against these conditions. Though it is impossible to fully understand what it means to experience them, their depictions in the arts, literature and pop culture make them more imaginable. …

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A Jakarta Story, an Indonesian Story Joko Anwar’s A Copy Of My Mind

By Faiza Mardzoeki Jakartans will be very familiar indeed with electricity cables criss-crossing, tangled, chaotically marring their glimpse of an ever dirtily greying sky. So too the repeating call to prayer echoing along Jakarta’s narrow lanes and alleys coming from the city’s hundreds of mosques. Then there is the jagged sounding symphony of traffic noise as every kind of vehicle …

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Censorship in Paradise

There is no doubt that Bali is a beautiful place. Lush green rice terraces, created through the hard work of Balinese farmers, bordered by dense coconut palms and frangipani trees. Along the coast, this is supplemented by wonderful beaches and vast stretches of turquoise seas. Adding to the beauty, lays what Westerners see as a colorful and exotic religious and …

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