Faiza protest to US Embassy in Singapore: Visa issue

On 18 August, I applied for a visa to visit the United States aat the American Embassy in Singapore. I was planning to go to America accompanying my husband who was to give some talks and lectures at about 9 American universities. I was also intending to meet and network with women human rights activists as well as theatre people. …

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Scientific knowledge brought into being ever more wonders

Scientific knowledge brought into being ever more wonders. The legends of my ancestors were shamed into silence. No longer did one have to meditate for years to be able to speak with someone across the sea. Some Germans had stretched a sea-cable from England to India! And wires of this sort were proliferating from here to there all across the …

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Behind The Stage of Women Seize The Night

by Faiza Mardzoeki A MONOLOGUE THEATRE PERFORMANCE “PEREMPUAN MENUNTUT MALAM” (WOMEN SEIZE THE NIGHT) JAKARTA–BANDA ACEH–BANDUNG On the occasion of International Women’s Day March 2008 Concept Violence against women continues. Violence is always close to all women, of all classes, from the poor, middle class to the upper class. Violence against women occurs in all times and places: in private …

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Inong Aceh Theatre-Tsunami Tsunami

Inong Aceh Theatre Tsunami and Tsunami Faiza Mardzoeki, Jakarta The women stood in a circle, all wearing their white cloaks for prayers. They were chanting prayers that they would be able to live their lives showing strength and resolve and also that their voices would be listened to. Strength and resolve are two words that have become the special possession …

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Women, Play and Pamphlets

Women, Play and Pamphlets Faiza Mardzoeki My experiences, both in the world of the movements and in the arts, shows me that the two elements of struggle and art can serve to strengthen each other, to keep each other company. Art can be the companion to the struggle for justice, prosperity, gender equality and so. In Indonesia, I can see …

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