INDONESIA: Fight broadens against anti-women laws

Faiza Mardzoeki & Max Lane A united front has developed among almost all women’s rights organisations to campaign against a new law currently before the parliament, the Law Against Pornography and Porno-Action (UUAPP). Opposition to the law was the focus of International Women’s Day protests in Jakarta on March 8. Kompas newspaper reported that thousands of women gathered in Thamrin …

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Govt ignores Indonesian debt slaves’ plight

Opinion and Editorial The Jakartapost- August 24, 2002 Faiza Mardzoeki, Coordinator, Organization and Education Women’s Solidarity (SP), Jakarta The planned deportation of more than 400,000 Indonesian workers from Malaysia only reinforces their status as debt slaves. Malaysia now has almost 2 million Indonesian guest workers with legal status and another 500,000 without the proper documents. Malaysia’s new laws on foreign …

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A play Nyai Ontosoroh, Synopsis and the context of the story

Nyai Ontosoroh The story of the struggles of Sanikem alias Nyai Ontosoroh It was a time when the Dutchmen ruled, with their companies, with their government and with their White Laws. Whites and natives did not mix, did not integrate. It was just here and there you a found a few Natives allowed into Dutch schools. There was one group …

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The Newest Project: A play Nyai Ontosoroh, an adapatation from a great novel This Earth Of Mankind by Pramoedya Ananta Toer

PRESS RELEASE LAUNCH OF THE THEATRE PROJECT “Nyai Ontosoroh” – Adapted from the novel Bumi Manusia (This Earth of Mankind), by Pramoedya Ananta Toer – Produced by Perguruan Rakyat Merdeka (PRM – Free Peoples Forum) and supported by Elsam, Institut Ungu, Jaringan Nasional Perempuan Mahardhika, JARI, Kalyanamitra, Koalisi Perempuan Indonesia, Komunitas Ciliwung, LBH APIK, Pramoedya Institute, Pantau, Perkumpulan Praxis, Perkumpulan Seni …

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