Silent Song of The Genjer Flowers goes to Santiago, Chile, October 2018

Dialita choir, a celebration of hope

The Dialita choir’s “Song for my Child” concert on Dec. 13 was both an emotional and empowering experience. The performance moved the audience and brought tears to many eyes, while offering an alternative form of dialogue. For me, the tears that night were ones of joy and hope. The program was inspired right from the opening. The producer wanted to …

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Dialita Choir: Voices of the silenced

In times of absolute madness, sometimes it is the voices of our loved ones that get us through the worst of times. In the nation’s prisons, inmates often take to singing their own songs in the discomfort of their cells as a means of expression. Most of these songs, however, are lost over time as the prisoners themselves usually pass …

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Brown Bag Lunch: Karen Hartman interviews Playwright Faiza Mardzoeki

Thursday, November 2, 2017 – 12:00pm Hutchinson Hall You are invited to a casual, lunchtime conversation between UW Drama faculty member and playwright Karen Hartman and playwright. director, producer, and activist Faiza Mardzoeki. Faiza Mardzoeki’s fourteen theater productions have been staged in Indonesia and internationally. Three of her plays have been published as books, including Silent Song of the Genjer …

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Book Worm: Faiza Marzoeki; Novels & realism

Playwright Faiza Mardzoeki often takes inspiration and ideas from the books she reads to produce high quality plays. Most of Faiza’s works, such as 2006’s Nyai Ontosoroh (Madame Ontosoroh), are adapted from realist novels, a genre that she said was her favorite. However, she did not always have access to the high quality literature that made her the way she …

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Faiza Mardzoeki: For the love of drama

Playwright Faiza Mardzoeki is blunt when she talks about the stage. “Generally, the world of theater in Indonesia is pathetic. Even in Jakarta, the largest city, with over 20 million residents, you can find only two or three established theater groups. This worries me a lot,” Faiza told The Jakarta Post in a recent interview. “There is also a lack …

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