Silent Song of The Genjer Flowers goes to Santiago, Chile, October 2018

Subverting the Powers That Be

  “Good literary works are those that transcend their eras and are universal,” says Faiza Mardzoeki, an Indonesian playwright and theater producer. She cites Norwegian playwright, theater director and poet Henrik Ibsen, the father of realism and one of the founders of modernism in theater, as one example of a literary artist whose works transcend the ages. Ibsen’s plays, including …

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Future of Films Takes the Spotlight at FFI

  Jakarta. For the first time in the country’s history, a president was present at the Indonesian Film Festival, better known as FFI. President Joko Widodo showed his support of the Indonesian film industry — and the nation’s creative economy — by attending the annual ceremony on Saturday, which this year was held in Palembang. Both veterans and newcomers of …

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Indonesian Green Activists Take to the Stage to Raise Awareness

Hot Spot Theater: Kalimantan’s youth living in fire-prone areas will be the first to enjoy and learn from the play ‘Subversif!’ Jakarta. Indonesian artists are attempting to raise awareness in the young generation regarding environmental issues through theatrical performances. In its newest play entitled “Subversif!”, Institute Ungu tries to present the issue of Indonesia’s deforestation in Kalimantan. The play was …

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Norway Sponsors Local Play on Cultural Shift

Jakarta. The Norwegian Embassy in Indonesia is working with Institut Ungu, a cultural foundation focusing on women issues, on a play called “ Subversif ” to address the impact of shifting from a traditional to a modern society. “Subversif” is an adaptation of the 1882 play “An Enemy of the People” by renowned Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen, which revolves around …

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Up coming theater Project: Subversive! an adaptation from Henrik Ibsen’ Enemy of The People in Indonesian context

Given that Indonesia is a country that is experiencing a very complex democratic dynamics, including political issues of power, the role of women, the sustainability of ecosystems and the role of large companies, “Enemy of The People’s Henrik Ibsen becomes very relevant. However there is still a need for a more contextual approach to bring the play closer to the …

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