Silent Song of The Genjer Flowers goes to Santiago, Chile, October 2018

1965 Recalled by the Survivors

The old woman, dressed in a white kebaya, stood up. Her forehead furrowed a little, as if she were trying to remember something. “That morning, I came early to the office,” she said very slowly. “Most of my colleagues had already arrived, discussing the latest news from the radio about the kidnapping and murder of the generals.” Instrumental music was …

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Ibsen’s A Doll’s House (Rumah Boneka) comes to Aceh

Last updated: 06.09.2013 // Norwegian dramatist Henrik Ibsen’s classical drama about women’s position in society was performed in front of an expectant (and sold out) audience in Banda Aceh 30th and 31st of August. The play, written by Ibsen in 1879, has been translated into Bahasa Indonesia, and adapted to the Indonesian context by Faiza Mardzoeki of Institut Ungu. Mardzoeki …

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Applying Kartinis message in present day -Indonesia

The Jakarta Globe By Abdul Qowi Bastian on 9:48 am April 21, 2013. “In my mind and heart,” a young woman read. She took a deep breath and went on, “… I do not wholly live in the Dutch East Indies; I feel like I live in an era with my white sisters in the far away West.” The young …

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at Ubud Writers and Readers Festival, October 2012

Faiza Mardzoeki Indonesia Faiza Mardzoeki is a playwright, theater producer, and activist. Currently she is doing research and writing process on her newest play project namely TheSilent Song of Kembang Genjer. The play will attempt to bring to life the experiences and thoughts of several women who were among the tens of thousands were arrested, imprisoned and then often tortured …

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Minister rejects proposal for sex education | The Jakarta Post

Responding to demands that proper sex education be taught in schools in order to protect children from rape, Education and Culture Minister Mohammad Nuh said that it was unnecessary as it could promote indecency among the country’s youth. “According to our traditions, it is indecent to talk about it, and that is my standpoint. I don’t believe we need that …

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